What do we do with the cabin?

Facilitating Family Discussions 


Who is The Cabin Coach? What is its Purpose?


I facilitate your family discussions. 

What do you do with the family cabin or land or farm when your parents no longer can or want to keep up with the responsibilities?

My husband and I were fortunate enough to buy my parents' cabin.  In fact, my 6 siblings and our parents still enjoy it with us.  It was this experience, the experience of deciding what to do with my parents' cabin that's brought me to this business and personal venture – The Cabin Coach. I have "been there done that." We journeyed through the process with my family deciding what to do when our parents could no longer keep up with the responsibilities, yet still wanted to be able to enjoy it. We had a lot of honest and often difficult discussions, even some arguments. But in the end, we all agreed on the plan and kept our relationship strong. A neutral facilitator would have been a blessing.

Maura Steblay, The Cabin Coach


My goal with The Cabin Coach is to work with families addressing tough issues surrounding the next generation and "What is the plan with the family cabin? The land? The farm?" I consult using a logical, facilitated process. We start conversing early rather than later to avoid broken relationships and unnecessary angst. 

I have spent many years as a teacher and hold a Master of Education degree. I was a Facilitator during my GE tenure. My husband, Rick, and I raised two successful daughters. For the past 10 years I have been a financial advisor, coaching my clients toward a sound financial future. My licenses include:  CLU, ChSNC, ChFC and a series 7 license and I am a corporate RIA.

Supportive Journey


My approach is consultative and financially strategic. It’s fair. It’s even fun with my Cabin Coach game board  that gets everyone talking. Committing to an open and facilitated dialogue and plan is healthy for all and simply makes sense. Believe me when I tell you it will be worth it. I truly wish family and I had a facilitator when we were deciding what to do with Mom and Dad's cabin.

 My personal commitment is to provide you with accountability, understanding and support while hearing and understanding everyone's individual goals.  


Grandma's Farm


One of the most difficult decisions I have had to make is what to do with farm land I had inherited (along with two other parties) after my Grandmother died. It was especially difficult because I was grieving her loss. Since this was the first time I had ever experienced an inheritance, I needed professional advice. Maura did a wonderful job walking me through this process from beginning to end. She knew how to begin and what to expect as I moved forward with my decisions. With every twist and turn that was presented to me, Maura was able to talk me through it with sound advice. I am so thankful for Maura’s professionalism and expertise, but most importantly, the tender loving care she gave while I was going through a difficult time.  


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I went through this process with my family. We all still celebrate holidays together! I can help.

If you  can benefit from a free discovery discussion with me, The Cabin Coach, please reach out. 

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